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4 Reasons to Partner Us


The Wrestle Like A Girl organization promotes the empowerment, growth and advancement of female wrestling in the United States. We were founded by Sally Roberts, a 2X World Bronze Medalist and 3X National Champion in Women’s Wrestling

  • We provide opportunities for female wresting by offering empowerment camps and clinics
  • We are dedicated to the growth of female wrestling at the high school and collegiate levels
  • We promote healthy lifestyles, including the importance of nutrition, hydration, sport psychology and the promotion of a positive self-image
  • We give a voice to female wrestlers across the globe.


The Wrestle Like A Girl organization is a 501(C)(3) registered nonprofit and a member of Center for Nonprofit Excellence.


2010 Cone Cause Evolution Survey shows 92% of Americans consider a company's commitment to social issues when deciding which companies to give their business. Aligning with the Wrestle Like A Girl organization will positively impact your corporate image and change the lives across the United States.


Our partnerships provide multiple philanthropic and cause marketing opportunities. We can customize sponsorship programs to obtain a perfect match with your company objectives. From camps and clinics support, high school wrestling opportunities and initiatives support, and collegiate opportunities and initiatives support, we offer a diverse range of national and local opportunities.

Wrestle Like A Girl is able to conduct its work thanks to individual, foundation and corporate contributions.  

 Uniting with Like A Girl, Inc. gives the opportunity to invest in the positive promotion and empowerment of females and supporting them as they seek educational, social, economic and financial mobility because of sport.



Our Mission

To empower and educate girls using the sport of wrestling to teach technical skills but also the power of the mind-body connection with goal-setting, anxiety management, confidence building practices and teamwork development.

  • Empowering girls through ages of 05-18 with technical wrestling skills
  • Leadership Skill Development (Goal-Setting, body language training, teamwork and confidence building, etc.)
  • Supporting High School Sanctioning
  • Champion collegiate initiatives such as new programs and NCAA and NAIA Championship sport status. 

If your organization...

  • Cares deeply about empowering and providing opportunities for the next generation of successful girls and women,
  • Stands up for equality, fights discrimination and injustice, and fosters healthy lives for girls,
  • Believes in the positive contributes wrestling can provide, and
  • Applauds girls and women in sports...


Empowerment Camps and Clinics 

Sally Roberts, a 2X World Bronze Medalist and 4X National Champion and members of the women’s national wrestling team will travel to low-income and underserved communities. Their goal is to empower young female athletes through the sport of wrestling. Athletes will learn technical wrestling. They will be able to develop championship skills like goal-setting, with an emphasis through hard work. Every camper and clinic attendee will receive a ‘Wrestle Like A Girl’ handbook, which will support learning of nutrition, hydration and sport psychology.

High School Female Wrestling Support & Initiatives

The Wrestle Like A Girl organization has a strong commitment to the growth and development of female wrestling in the United States by providing opportunities to wrestle at the high school level. It is a goal of Wrestle Like A Girl to support the start-up of new high school wrestling programs and increase the number of sanctioned girls high school state tournaments across the United States. Wrestle Like A Girl is proud to collaborate with other organizations and networks to grow female wrestling.   

Collegiate Wrestling Support & Initiatives 

Wrestle Like Girl is currently working in collaboration with other agency’s and organizations to determine the most effective way to bring women’s wrestling to the NCAA.

Gift and Service In-Kind Support

Gift and Service in-kind donation opportunities are available with event sponsorships such as the annual Wrestle Like A Girl gala or the Unite and Ignite Womens Sports Symposium; empowerment camp and clinic support; state and collegiate funding support; or the always needed operational support. 

If your organization supports the vision of Wrestle Like A Girl and wants to support girls and women, please contact us!


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