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Axa Molina - Head Shot

Axa Molina - State Sanctioning Manager

Axa Molina Hired As State Sanctioning Manger – Wrestle Like A Girl, Inc.

March 22, 2018 

Colorado Springs, CO — Wrestle Like A Girl, Inc. hired Axa Molina as the State Sanctioning Manager. She will be working with USA Wrestling’s State Sanctioning Task Force and each of the remaining 42 unsanctioned states to get more Girls High School Wrestling Divisions established. Female wrestling in the United States is one of the fastest growing sports. Wrestle Like A Girl is committed to helping the growth so that our girls and women wrestlers get the opportunities they deserve.

Axa is originally from Federal Way, WA, where she started wrestling her sophomore year of high school. She was a multi-time state placer before she accepted a wrestling scholarship to Lindenwood University in St. Charles, Missouri. While at Lindenwood, she served as a captain and earned All-American honors, including qualifying and competing at the Rio 2016 Olympic Trials. In 2016, she graduated from the Lindenwood University earning a Bachelor’s of Science in Athletic Training and a minor in nutrition.

Axa participated in the Miss Seafair Scholarship program for women as the Hispanic Seafair community representative and earning the coveted Seattle title of Miss Seafair. Axa’s community service platform was Wrestle Like a Girl where she continues to create awareness of women’s wrestling in the greater Seattle area and the Latino community of Washington state. Through the Miss Seafair program, she also earned the community service award for her dedication to growing girls’ wrestling and was most notably quoted for saying: “Wrestling is not just done on the mat. We wrestle every day to balance our work life and our family life. We wrestle to work for studies and obtain our degrees. Or, if you are like me, you wrestle with the voice that whispers ‘I can’t’. Today, I stand before you as a confident young woman and a testament to what wrestling can do for a girl. Not only will Wrestle Like a Girl teach your daughters to wrestle physically, but we will show them to believe they can breathe fire.”

Axa is currently an assistant coach at Grays Harbor College where she’s coached five All-Americans and one national champion in her first year. In her free time, Axa volunteers at clinics and local high schools to teach technique and to educate young ladies about the possibility to continue their educational career through college wrestling and encouraging them to participate in USA wrestling cadet and junior events.